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The WiFi-Tracker. com Hotspot Finder software makes it easy to determine where the WiFi hotspots are located all around the globe. The program has a built-in directory that will provide you information regarding any registered WiFi connection in a specific place.

the WiFi-Tracker. com Hotspot Finder will list down the first 3 that are immediately available on a specific place. This information becomes important to you so you can easily make a connection using your laptop in the place where you will stay.

The WiFi-Tracker. com Hotspot Finder gives you any establishments that also provide WiFi in specific places if there are no wide-scale WiFi connections available.

This program is specifically designed to laptop users who are always on the go and will need a wireless connection in the places they visit. The WiFi-Tracker.

com Hotspot Finder requires an annual membership fee to download updated information from the program provider and get the latest version when available after the one time purchase fee.

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  3. 10 Hotspot Finder: Software to determine WiFi hotspots in specific places Hotspot Finder

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